Warming up

In a few weeks, some of the most prominent graphic designers, illustrators and creative thinkers on the planet will be in São Paulo for a sort of mini World Cup of graphic design. AGI Open São Paulo will put the Brazilian audience in contact with the influences, the philosophies and the working methods of a special team of designers. 

Over two days, more than twenty lectures will take place at Ibirapuera Auditorium. It will be the first time an AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationalle) event will be held in the southern hemisphere. The first edition of the AGI Open took place in 2010 in the city of Porto, in Portugal. Barcelona, ​​Hong Kong and London hosted the event the following years. Check out some of the highlights of past editions: 

AGI Open Porto 2010 
An audience of almost a thousand people occupied Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal. “The process is the project” was the core theme of the first AGI Open. The event was held on one day and also featured workshops with some members of the speakers. 

A dense and varied program took the audience on a trip through the decades, generations and working methods. Each of the participating designers showed, some of them for the first time, about the process of developing their projects. 

AGI Open Barcelona 2011 
The second edition of the AGI Open happened in Barcelona in 2011. Over two days, a group of international designers revolved around the theme "What. How. Why."

Paula Scher, who will also be with us this year, was in Barcelona and spoke about design in public spaces: 

AGI Open Hong Kong 2012 
In 2012, it was the turn of Hong Kong. The third edition of the AGI Open theme was "Heaven and Hell", suggesting that there is good in evil and evil in good at everything in the world. Eddie Opara, partner at Pentagram in New York, spoke about the site Blopboard, a project on real-time polls. 

AGI Open London 2013 
An audience of two thousand participants, including students, professionals and teachers crowded the auditorium of the Barbican, in London, at the latest edition of the AGI Open. The event featured a mixed format, including panel discussions, debates and interviews with the aim of encouraging greater interaction with the public. 

In this interview conducted in London, Kenya Hara, one of the confirmed speakers on AGI Open São Paulo, spoke about the role of the designer, and presents the House Vision exhibition, that brought together some of the most creative thinkers in Tokyo to explore new possibilities for urban life. 

Excited to see what this year's event reservation? Check out the list of confirmed speakers.