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Ahn Sang-Soo


Ahn Sang-Soo studied at the Hungik University, in Seoul, where he is currently a teacher and the director of the graphic design program. He is considered one of East Asia’s most influential graphic designers. He has received several awards, including an acclaim from the Korean Language National Academy for his work in simplifying the traditional hangul (the Korean alphabet). Ahn designed four of Korea’s main fonts, and was also responsible for the translation of works by Jan Tschichold and Emil Ruder to Korean. Since 1988, he is the editor and director of an underground art and culture magazine in Korea. He was vice-president of Icograda between 1997 and 2001. In October 2001, he presided the Oullm congress in Seoul, leading the Icograda Design Education Manifesto, a central document that defines the association’s position on design teaching, which was translated to 17 languages. In 2001, he organized Typojanchi, the Seoul International Typography Biennial.

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