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Henrik Kubel



Kubel graduated from Denmark's Design School in Copenhagen in 1997 and received his MA from Royal College of Art in 2000 where he is currently a senior visiting lecturer at the School of Communication. In 2000, upon graduation he formed design and typography studio A2/SW/HK (based in London) with fellow graduate Scott Williams. In 2010 the duo established A2-TYPE to distribute a decade's worth of specially crafted fonts. Kubel has recently designed custom fonts for Expedia, Airbnb, The Independent Newspaper and associated magazines, Royal College of Art, UK Government (in collaboration with Margaret Calvert), Amplify, Aperture magazine, SteensenVarming, Afterall Journal, RIBA Journal, Motorola, Optimum, Faber & Faber, Friends of the Earth, Wallpaper*, Traveler magazine and Harvard University Press.
In January 2014 the team won a TDC Typeface Award for their Amplify fonts, 4 months later they were awarded a D&AD Yellow Pencil for their custom fonts for The Independent Newspaper in London.

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