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Rik Bas Backer / José Albergaria

Change is Good


Change is Good is a design studio based in Paris by graphic designers José Albergaria and Rik Bas Backer. Working together since 2003, their clients include Centre Georges Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art in Paris and Museu Berardo in Lisbon.
Rik Bas Backer was born in Amsterdam in 1967 and studied graphic design at the School of Arts in Arnhem. In 1989 he interned at Grapus, with French designer Pierre Bernard. In 1995, already in Paris, Rik began his career as a freelance designer. He was a member of the jury for two years at Werkplaats Typografie, in Arnhem, and at the School of Fine Arts of Amiens, in France.

José Albergaria was born in Azores, in 1970 and studied at Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. In 1997 he founded along with designers António Silveira Gomes and Nuno Horta Santos the studio “Barbara Says…”. He moved to Paris in 1999. He was a member of the jury for the Student competition of the Chaumont poster festival in 2004.


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